Pride Recovery Center offers a Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in Delray Beach, FL.

If you have been considering different addiction treatment options for you, or a loved one, you may think your only choices are residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. A newer third option called Partial Hospitalization can be an effective choice for rehab treatment and offers some more advantages to clients and their families.

Residential treatment and inpatient treatment are essentially the same thing. The client is admitted to a treatment center and they stay on the premises for the duration of their treatment plan. This option provides an intensive level of treatment in a secure environment that enables a speedy recovery process. Transportation is usually provided to and from 12-step meetings or religious services, depending on the client’s specific needs.

Most rehab centers will have local outings to various outdoor activities. The activities vary according to where the center is located. For example, centers in the Pacific Northwest may arrange horseback riding or hiking excursions to occupy the client’s both mentally and physically. We are located in Florida, and embark out to the beach, the water, and the sun regularly. When residents participate in these types of sober activities, they are always accompanied by staff members to ensure safety and accountability.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) gives the client more freedom than a residential treatment program. Rather than staying at a facility, clients are able to go home at theend of each day, preferably to a home with a sober support system. The schedule may allow clients to go to school, work, or community service work while participating in the  program. This option is made up of a combination of individual and group therapies, also while attending a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

What is a Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Drug Treatment Program?

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is form of treatment where a client stays in the treatment center for a fixed number of hours each week. They are not required to be admitted to the facility. Patients in this program will go to the facility to attend sessions for several hours each day. Think of it like a full time job. Guest are active all throughout the day learning how to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Who Can Benefit from PHP Treatment for Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependence?

PHP is a form of treatment that is less rigorous than a residential treatment program and more rigorous than an outpatient program. Those who have completed a program at an inpatient rehab facility but do not feel they are ready for an outpatient program may benefit the most. In addition, people who have previously relapsed seeking a more structured program to help them get back on track will also benefit from this type of PHP environment.

Advantages of Our Partial Hospitalization for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our PHP treatment provides a combination of medical services and outpatient addiction therapy from a central treatment facility. Our clients have access services from doctors, psychologists, behavioral health technicians, and support staff as needed as a part of their individualized treatment plan. They receive mix of individual and group counseling during their time in PHP.

A PHP can be used as a way for clients to move from a residential program to an IOP. This type of program doesn’t require participants to completely stop their life to focus on treatment. When a client checks into a residential treatment program for substance abuse, they are putting everything on hold in order to focus their full attention on recovery. Not everyone has the freedom to take the time required to successfully complete a residential program. While still highly structured, PHP allows clients to have more freedom of movement than a residential program. This makes our PHP program ideal for people with children, a spouse, or other loved ones to be with.

PHP’s effectiveness also comes from the clients attending addiction education classes. They are educated on the effect drugs and alcohol have on your mind, body, or soul. When clients are informed about the impact the disease they are living with has on their life, they may make better decisions and choose not to drugs and alcohol.

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Ethical Treatment

We always act in the best interest of our clients. We truly care about your progress and treatment goals.


We understand how difficult the treatment process can be. Rest assured, you will be comfortable during your stay in one of our luxury houses.

Our Staff

Unparalleled care cannot be achieved without the best treatment staff in the industry. Our staff cares about each person in our program and is always there to assist with their needs.

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There is no better place to recovery from addiction than South Florida. The beautiful beaches, sunshine, and year round comfortable climate make Florida the idea place for our intensive treatment program.

Our Medical Staff

We evaluate the health of our clients by employing top notch addiction medicine specialists. Our caring doctors and nurses will make sure you recover from drug or alcohol addiction safely.

Alumni Support

We monitor and track your recovery progress to ensure you are making the most of the life skills you learned while at Pride. We know relapses do happen. If you are exposed to your triggers, give us a call right away.

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