What Makes Us Unique

Welcome to Pride Recovery Center. We know and understand the fear and anxienty you are feeling now that you have taken the first step towards sobriety and recovery. Our promise to you is that we will support and assist you in your journey any way we can.

Our wish for you is that you will take advantage of your time in treatment. Work our program, see the progress, understand that you are creating a the best version of yourself so you can face the world without teh crutch of drug or alcohol abuse. Our vision for you is to prosper beyond what you thought possible, and live a life you love. Live with Pride and learn all the life skills that can help you maintain your new way of life. We want you to find freedom from the bondage of addiction and discover the person you were meant to be.

Our Holistic Program

We all have the power to overcome addiction and learn to truly love and accept ourselves. In our program, you will prosper, grow, and transform. You will learn that you are your greatest teacher. You will be able to manage stress and deal with any obstacle in a calm and thoughful way. Through a variety of techniques, you will learn tools that empower you to overcome the failures of the past, and move forward in your life. Your past's limiting belief system will be replaced with an advanced understanding of your abilities and how to manage your sobriety and wellness.

We are a DCF licensed program in Florida

You Are Not Alone

Strength In Numbers

Share your recovery with people just like you. Our program is made up of all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds. When you come to Pride, you will be involved in group therapy session where you will share your life's experiences, listen to others share their experiences, and you will earn and grow with one another. Strong bonds can be formed in recovery. You will make friends that will follow you down life's path for years to come. Sometimes you can have people in your life that enable your addiction. We believe removing yourself from this toxic environment is part of the recovery experience. Your new friends will be glad you chose to recover in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida.

South Florida Drug Treatment Center

We know we offer the highest level of care to every person that comes to us for help. South Florida offers many outdoor activites to get you back into an active, physically and mentally active lifestyle. Our year round comfortable climate ensures you can always partake in outdoor activities year round. Just like any business, some care about people they service and some do not. We take Pride in our compassionate and ethical treatment of all people in our program. All of our staff is actively involved in your care. All of our medical staff are expertly trained, certified addiction treatment specialist. You can trust Pride.

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Tell us your story and learn which treatment option works best for you. We never share your name or email address with anyone ever.

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