Addiction Treatment and Detox Using Biosound Therapy

This therapy introduces our clients to Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, Guided Imagery and Biofeedback to achieve a meditative state for the purpose of receiving positive messaging and affirmations. The therapy session combines music, vibrations, and binaural beats to help our clients reach this goal.

Biosound therapy is an alternative form of healing that’s being used to help recovering addicts. It’s a very unique option for the treatment of substance abuse. Although it has taken quite some time, modern science has started to recognize the fact that energy makes up the entire blueprint of the human body. New technologies are being developed every day to help improve our body energy, and as a result, our overall health.

Sound technologies have been given much attention in recent years. Since sound produces energetic vibrations, these vibrations that have the potential to change the body’s energy blueprint. In other words, specific types of sound can be used to help individuals gain better well-being and health.

When exposed to different types of sound, human genes act in different ways. A number of addiction treatment centers have already started offering energy healing because they are seeing results that indicate it helps addicts on their way to lifelong recovery. Sound treatment is frequently used to help patients manage their emotions and stress. In conjunction with guided imagery, music and frequency healing, this new therapy provides patients with biofeedback, which is extremely helpful for recovery.

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