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Pride Recovery offers a full-service residential drug and alcohol rehab for women and men. Our inpatient residential treatment program is designed for people who need to get away from the fast-paced outside world in order to reflect and find serenity. Our treatment program integrates a well-rounded balance of individual and group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, social activities, exercise, healthy meals and time for rest, relaxation and reflection. Learning these habits in everyday life is essential for people who are determined to succeed in their addiction recovery after the inpatient addiction program is complete.

We Will Be Your Support System

The purpose of our residential treatment program is to provide a support system and more engaging program that our clients can rely on in early recovery. Our therapeutic and educational groups are designed to help individuals learn how to communicate honestly with themselves and others. We rely on the 12-step program as a basis for continual support, and offer meetings on the premises as well as letting clients go to outside meetings. Our residential programs, including our heroin rehab and alcohol treatment program, are customized to individual's needs. Our South Florida beach-life locale provides the perfect atmosphere for individuals to get away from the daily struggles of life. If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, know that freedom from addiction is an achievable goal - help is just one phone call (or email) away.

Reasons you should choose Pride Recovery Center

Treatment For Men

Addiction treatment for men should be customized to their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs. At Pride Recovery, our wide spectrum of program offerings allow us to personalize a treatment program for each man to meet their specific needs. Gender separate programming allows the men to build friendships with other men, deal with gender-specific issues during therapy, and give them the best opportunity for successful recovery. Socialized to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, many men hesitate to seek help for substance abuse or mental health issues. Others are in denial that they need help, or may believe that they have the situation under control. At Pride, we take the stigma away from treatment. By tailoring drug and alcohol addiction treatment to the unique needs of men 18 and over, we draw clients out of isolation and help them develop a healthy and esteem building lifestyle of recovery that they can maintain by using the tools we teach them to cope with cravings and life's stressors.

Treatment For Women

Addiction is a problem impacting millions of women of all ages and ethnicities in the United States. Unfortunately, many women put off treatment because of guilt and shame, cultural expectations, or family reasons. We offer residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs tailored to women 18 and over. Women and men respond to addiction (and treatment) in different ways. When women become mentally and physically dependent on a substance, they show earlier signs, face more severe symptoms, and deal with mental health complications more often than male counterparts. Designed to meet the unique emotional, psychological, medical, and social needs of participants, our Florida-based rehab program help adult women reclaim their lives.

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