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Everyone's needs are different and we understand. Our treatment center focuses on addiction triggers to effectively treat the disease at the source. We identify your unique needs and create a recovery plan just for you. Upon arrival, you will be assigned to our luxury residence and learn more about your personalized wellness program. Your stay will be managed by the most knowledgeable and caring staff in the treatment industry. From our drivers and Behavioral Health Technicians, to our Therapists and Doctors, our team of treatment professionals have the experience and skills to properly guide you down your personal path to recovery. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction then please don't wait - call us today!

In-Patient Treatment Program

Our In-Patient Program is for those individuals needing a high level of care. You will reside in one of our beautiful recovery homes in South Florida. You will attend group therapy, meet with Addiction Counselors, and learn life skills that will ensure a lasting recovery. Your days and nights are filled with activities that keep your mind and your body active.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our extended care program consists of living at our residences and attending day treatment at our center. We have a Men's and Women's Treatment Program and offer a wide assortment of ammenities to our residents. Our goal is to cultivate personal growth and sense of responsibility within our clients so they can live their life with pride.

Strength In Numbers

Signing up a loved one for addiction treatment is a big decision. It’s not surprising that you would want to know if the process works. It is important for you to understand that addiction is often a lifelong struggle. Relapse is extremely common, and many individuals go through treatment more than once before they find success in sobriety.

At the end of the day, treatment provides individuals with the tools they need to stay sober. It is not a cure for addiction. Unfortunately, such a remedy does not yet exist. That being said, there are many factors that will determine how likely your loved one is to stay sober after treatment:

Choice of Treatment Facility – Your choice in treatment facility will have a huge impact on how quickly your loved one is able to adopt a healthier lifestyle. If your loved one has been abusing substances like heroin that elicit deadly withdrawal symptoms, then he or she will need to undergo detox under the supervision of medical professionals. Likewise, when it comes to treating adolescents, age-appropriate teen rehab offers the best results. Your job as a family member is to identify a multidisciplinary facility that can make these resources available to your loved one.

Access to Aftercare Opportunities – As we mentioned above, treatment is less of a cure and more of a set of tools for staying sober. The more time that your loved one has to practice healthy living strategies, the more likely these tools will be used effectively to avoid relapse. That’s why facilities offering diverse aftercare opportunities, like The Treatment Center, hold an extra advantage. Access to support groups, recreational activities with fellow alumni, and relapse prevention education will go a long way toward helping your loved one stay sober for life.

Support Through Family Rehab – It may be difficult to acknowledge, but the truth is that most substance abuse problems are in some way related to painful family dynamics. A toxic relationship between two spouses, for example, may make it difficult for one partner to stay sober after they complete treatment and move back home. Alternatively, unresolved tension between parents and their teenage children may be limiting communication and encouraging drug use. At The Treatment Center, we offer addiction counseling for couples and families in addition to the individual patient. Educating families on how their behavior can make it harder for their loved one to stay sober is especially important.

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