If You Think You Need Help, Don’t Wait

Recognizing that you have a problem with addiction is the first step to getting help. If you have a lack of control or the inability to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own, then we encourage you to reach out to us for help.

If you continue with your addiction and try to find ways to justify your behavior, it will inevitably lead you down a dangerous path. The longer you abuse drugs or alcohol, the worse the effects will be on your mind, body, and soul. You will find yourself further abandoning your commitments and ignoring your relationships with family and friends. Your health will deteriorate more and more over time and your financial freedom will disappear. The only way to find your way back to the person you once were (and can become again) is to recognize you have a problem.



Do You Need Professional Help to Stop Using Drug or Alcohol?

The short answer is: If you are abusing drugs or alcohol and it is impacting your life, then you need to seek professional help to treat your addiction.

Here are some signs it is time to seek treatment:

Your Friends or Family Have Talked to You About Getting Help

The people around you know you the best. If a friend or family member have spoken to you about stopping your drug or alcohol use, then they are concerned about the effects your behavior is having on your life. Maybe you aren’t like the person they once knew. Maybe they are watching you deteriorate before their eyes and are hoping raising the subject with you will be enough to prompt you to get help. Either way, maybe they see the effects your addiction is having on you, while you do not.


If You Try to Stop You Have Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms vary from one drug to another, but one thing is true – withdrawal symptoms will get worse the longer you abuse your drug of choice. If you get headaches, nauseous, have sleeping problems, mood swings, or other symptoms a few hours after your last use of the drug, it will only get worse as your addiction progresses.


You Have Health Problems Associated with Your Addiction

Abusing drugs or alcohol can affect your judgement. When your judgement is compromised, you can make decisions that put you in high risk situations. For example, if you abuse heroin, you may choose to share needles because it is the only way to use the drug in that moment. This will increase your risk of contracting deadly diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV (AIDS). Alcoholism causes damage to your heart, liver, and brain. Abusing prescription opioids can slow down your breathing and potentially cause brain damage. Stimulants can cause cardiovascular failure and psychosis when used repeatedly over time.


You Tell Lies to Continue Your Addiction

When you lie about your drug or alcohol abuse, it is time to seek treatment. You may feel like your drug or alcohol abuse “is nobody’s business” but lying about it is quite telling. People lie when they feel like they have something to hide. If you didn’t suffer from the disease of addiction, you would recognize that you need help. Once you realize you don’t have to suffer alone, finding treatment is the first step to living an honest life free from guilt and the burden of addiction.


You Have Lost Your Job Because of Your Addiction

Remember that time you were late to an important meeting because you were hung over? Do you need to get high so often that you are abusing drugs at your workplace? You are putting your future at risk because of your addiction. Staying out late partying leads to waking up late for work. One tardiness can lead to another. Over time you can develop a reputation of being “flakey” or “unreliable”. If you have already lost a good job to addiction or feel like you are going to lose your current job, seek treatment immediately. Getting help can only help your career options in the long run.


You Have Legal Problems Associated with Your Drug Abuse or Drinking

When you are using, you make compromised decisions. These decisions can lead you down the wrong path and possibly behind bars. If you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence, possession of drugs, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or other charges related to a drug or alcohol fueled moment, then it is time to get help. Nobody deserves to spend time in jail because of addiction. Getting help is much easier than suffering withdrawal symptoms in a jail cell.


You Have People That Depend on You

Don’t let your addiction come between you and the people that depend on you. Do you have children? Are they used to seeing you drunk or under the influence of drugs? That can have a huge impact on their life. Think about the way they see you when you are emotional or out of control because of your addiction. Think about the money you are spending on your habit that could be used to buy them a real meal. Your decisions will affect their future. Show them you have the strength to admit you have a problem and seek the care that you need.



What Can I Expect from Treatment at Pride Recovery Center?

We are a group of experienced mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals that have helped hundred of people just like you manage their addiction for long term sobriety.


You Can Expect:

  • To Be Treated with Respect and Dignity
  • An Individualized Treatment Plan Designed to Treat the Underlying Causes of Your Addiction
  • Open and Honest Communication About Your Progress
  • To Be Held Accountable for Your Actions and Behavior
  • A Program that is Committed to You and Your Goals
  • Non-Judgement Therapy with Licensed and Experienced Counselors
  • We Will Treat Both Your Body and Your Mind
  • To Gain Valuable Life Skills That Will Decrease the Likelihood of Relapse



How to Get Started

First, we recommend you learn about the programs and therapy services that we offer.




Therapy Services


Next, contact our Admission department by calling (844) 929-0868. You will reach an Addiction Specialist to discuss how you best fit into our program. An assessment of your addiction will be performed, and the level of care that will serve you best will be determined.



Help is Waiting for You at Pride

Our qualified team is ready to help you begin treatment and improve your quality of life. We are standing by to answer your questions and get you in a program that is right for your situation. If you have a sincere desire to get clean and learn how to live a sober lifestyle, give us a call or send us an email below. All conversations you have with us are confidential. We are available anytime day or night to discuss your options. There is no reason to wait – get help now.

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