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Lori Gill

Neuroscience Technician

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Lori has had an extensive career as a Teacher and Middle/High School Guidance Counselor, while serving as the Director of Guidance at Cardinal High School for 18 of those years. Lori Received her undergraduate degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH, and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Cleveland State University in 1987. Lori is also trained and served as a Volunteer Advocate for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center for 20 years while living in Cleveland.

Lori is also a Paralegal with Certification in Estates and Trusts from The Institute for Paralegal Training in Philadelphia, PA, in addition to being a Certified Dog Trainer.Lori’s love of animals brings a special perk to Pride Recovery, her two female golden retrievers, Maggie and Cali, biological sisters, are trained Emotional Support Animals and “come to work” with Lori everyday. These loving support animals bring smiles and hugs to help our clients start their clinical day, and provide plenty of love and emotional support.

After Lori’s niece passed away in 2011, she moved to South Florida and continued her career as a guidance counselor but felt the pull toward working with those struggling with Substance Use Disorders. In 2016, she began a 14 month program to study addiction therapy, receiving her certification as a Certified Master’s Addiction Therapist from The Academy of Addiction Professionals in Fort Lauderdale, FL in January, 2018. While working at Pride Recovery Center, Lori studied to become a BrainCore Neurofeedback Professional and is now treating clients in our BrainCore Office to “retrain their brains in order to balance and optimize brainwave functioning, and to create new neural pathways.” Pride’s BrainCore Neuroscience Program has been a huge success with clients suffering from addiction and has been proven to lessen symptoms such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD, due to disorganized brain waves and years of substance use.

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